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We’re honored and excited to welcome you to 361° Europe. Our love and obsession for running drives us to provide you with footwear that will improve and enhance your running experience. Let’s get started. 

Some facts

The sports giant 361 Degrees Group is the 2nd largest sports brand in China, founded in 2003. With the business nowadays getting always more globalized, 361 Degrees Group started its international expansion in 2013 by establishing the 361° international department with the first international collection-line. The core expetise is the development of highly competitive footwear technology especially in the category running. All of their products have been invented in the 361° Design Center. The initial collection, comprising running, training, trail and lifestyle shoes as well as sports clothing. The difference lies in the perfect blend of stability and cushioning that offers the ideal ride on any run named Quick Dynamic Performance System (QDP system).

After successfully entering two big oversea markets USA and Brazil, 361° is now entering the European market as well with its vision of becoming a globally respected sports brand.

361° Official supporter of the Olympic Games and Paralympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Under its slogan 'Fitness should not be a question of money", the initiative FIT.deutschland aims to promote fitness and health in the public at large without charging the people exercising any fees. This open and free fitness programme kicked off in May 2015 in Cologne with the support of professional coaches. Local fitness training is complemented by an extensive web-based platform and a variety of social media channels, with participants receiving expert advice in all matters related to exercise and health.Arne Greskowiak is responsible for quality management, structuring programmes and for building up the FIT.deutschland sports community. As owner of the ago sportklub, he supports numerous professional teams, Olympic winners and world champions. 361° is proud to support this initiative and to bring sports to the people.

Our Products

Prepare to get impressed by high-technologised sportswear products.

Available products in Spring/ Summer 2016

Our Technology


Quickfoam - the perfect blend! Softer, faster and longer lasting. CPU coating fully envelopes midsole blend to create a superior foam that extends miles and enhances shock attenuation and acceleration.

QDP – Quick Dynamic Performance

Three layers of cushioning combine to form the flexible and responsive system of Quick Dynamic Performance

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